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Bullet Journal- How I use my BuJo

Last June I decided to pick up bullet journaling. I ordered myself a medium yellow 1917 Leuchtturm journal, a 6″ ruler, a set of micron pens and 3 packs of pastel double-sided highlighters. I wanted to practice getting neater handwriting and be able to create pretty layouts and figured it would give me something to do for myself.


When I first started journaling I tracked things, like my mood, my period, savings, movies and shows to watch, books to read and my habits. This was to organize my thoughts and to see how my days are all in one place. At first, I really liked using it for this, but often times I’d forget to track every day. I also tracked my weeks and practiced using bright colors and different layouts for each page. This took about an hour or two to do each week on my Sundays. It could be relaxing, but sometimes I didn’t have enough time, so some pages were sloppy. Below are some examples of my trackers and my fancy weekly logs:



When September rolled around, I decided to use my journal for keeping track of my schooling. I kept my layouts the same, but I switch up colors and fonts. This way I can do them without thought, but also take my time and make them look nice. I put my school schedule in matrix format on the page after that month’s calendar. I also include my professor’s information and office hours. When I do my weekly layouts I write my classes. at the top of the page, and give each class it’s own color for the term. When I have an assignment due, I color code it the same so I know which assignment goes to what class. It keeps everything more organized for me so I can look at it at a quick glance.



My favorite pages to do are the monthly calendar and the start of the month. This is where I get the most creative. Below are some of my favorites:


Even if you use these to track your mood or regular weekdays, I still recommend getting one. Not only do they help organize your thoughts and schedules, but they also allow you time to yourself to create pretty layouts and use fun colors. It can be really relaxing!

If you don’t have time to create your own journal, ban.do (https://www.bando.com) creates bullet journals for you! It’s the same as a bullet journal, but it’s already made, and they’re super cute and come with stickers! This post isn’t sponsored by them, but I think they’re a great place to get these at. You can find some journals from them at Aerie or Tilly’s, but your best bet is to order online.

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