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Cheerleading Tryout Tips!

1. Look Game Day Ready

For college or high school tryouts, it’s best to look game day ready. That means:

  • No nail polish and short nails
  • Clean ponytail and no flyaways, or neat if it’s down.
  • If you’re trying out for college tryouts, some teams recommend spray tans.
  • Makeup shouldn’t hide your face. Look put together, natural, but ready to cheer your butt off.
  • Some college tryouts require you to only wear a sports bra and spandex. If you can, wear bright colors!
  • ALWAYS wear a bow when trying out for a high school team, or a college team that wears their hair up.

2. Bring a Snack

The tryout process can be long, so it’s best to bring a snack with you. I recommend not having any soda or energy drinks. Bring water or Gatorade. For food, a granola bar or some fruits/veggies are best as well. Coaches will take notice of your diet, and they want to make sure they have well-rounded athletes on their team. Don’t eat junk!

3. Reach out to Veterans

There are always clinics leading up to any tryouts. At the first one, reach out to the Vets and get their number. When you’re connecting with the team the coaches will notice. Plus, if you are worried about something you can always shoot them a message!


4. Don’t Worry About Messing Up!!!

This is the most important tip. Judges and coaches don’t care so much about minor slip-ups. They want to know that you can retain the choreography, but if you have a minor slip up here and there, don’t beat yourself up over it. The choreography is taught especially fast at the college level, so it’s understandable if you don’t get it the first time. But, always impressive if you do get it quick! If you mess up they want to see how you recover. Keep smiling, improvise if you have to, and stay tight and clean (especially if a stunt comes down).

5. Positive Image on Social Media.

Coaches will look at your social media. You have to remember that you’re representing your school and your program. It doesn’t matter how bad you want a sinsta, just don’t do it. It’s disrespectful to your team to put a negative image on them, especially when their handbook will most likely have a rule about it. Plus, it’s better to be positive on social media than to be negative. Overall you’ll be more positive in your daily life, and more people will want to join the team later. So, follow the rules, and make sure your team does too.

6. Be Clean In Everything You Do.

If you don’t fully know a skill, ask for a spot or don’t do it. It’s best to look clean in your skills than to throw something sloppy. Execution wins trophies, not difficulty. Point your toes and make sure not to fiddle with your hair or clothes while waiting to dance. It’s highly distracting.


Basically, look excited to be there, clean and neat, do your best and have a positive attitude through it all!! It’s not about who has the highest skills, it’s about who has the cleanest skills.

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