Dorm Room Tour!!

One of the first things you think about when you get close to your freshman year of college is how you’ll decorate your room. You create your Pinterest board and start pinning away at different layouts and color schemes. I personally wanted my room to feel like home, so naturally, I just brought all of my decorations from my bedroom. I only bought a few things because my room already had the colors I wanted. For those at the UO wondering, I am in the Kalapuya Ilihi dorm (or New Hall)!

However, I did buy this big pack that included 20 items for only $217 when I bought it. I’m sure when it gets closer to summer the current price will drop. If you choose to attend the University of Oregon I know for a fact you’ll get emails about it. You get a bunch of stuff like pillows, towels, and your comforter all packed tightly in a box ready to move in. I bought the following items from I got the “Comfort Pak” that included:

2 extra-long flat sheets
2 extra-long fitted sheets
2 standard pillowcases
2 extra-fluffy machine washable pillows
1 extra-long reversible comforter
1 extra-long quilted mattress pad
1 extra-long egg crate pad
2 all-cotton bath towels
2 matching cotton hand towels
2 matching cotton washcloths
1 laundry bag
1 bedside storage caddy
1 extra-long micro plush blanket

(the direct link to the Comfort Pak:

Not all items are pictured.


Lofting my bed created so much more room in my dorm. I guess Brennon and Dale from Step Brothers were right!

My Oma made curtains for me for if I’m ever up late and I don’t want to keep my roommate awake with my light!

Everything in here is from my bedroom back at home. I clearly took too much stuff with me to college, but at least it feels like home!



Having this little table created more desk space for me! and it’s cute too!


Complete with my Cinderella quilt and Boomer pillow!


My roommate and I don’t drink coffee, so we got an electric tea kettle instead. I got the mug holder at Macy’s along with a few of my mugs and the yellow tea bag holder.

Kalapuya doesn’t have a lot of storage in our rooms so we hustled to the Home Depot for the shelving unit for above the toilet. We also have a shower rack in our shower! The baskets are nice because we can each put our own hair stuff in them.

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