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Post Accutane Update!

I finished Accutane!! I was on Accutane for 7 months. I went through 9 tubes of Blistex, 1 tube of Aquaphor chapstick and 1 bottle of Carmex chapstick. 3 bottles of face moisturizer were used as well as 2 bottles of face wash and 1 bottle of Jojoba oil. It was a long process off dry lips, itchy arms, and dry eyes. But it was all worth it! Now I can flaunt my makeup-free skin without feeling like people are staring. I have a newfound confidence and I don’t have to take any more pills for my face anymore (I’ve been taking acne pills for 4 years). It was 100% worth it and I recommend it to anyone struggling with acne, specifically cystic.

Below are my progress photos! Warning, they are kinda gross and very awkward.

Before Accutane

Without Makeup:

With Makeup:

My face was very grainy and patchy with makeup. Imagine a Krackel Bar

During Accutane

Without Makeup:

The worst part of Accutane was my lips. My face wasn’t very dry but my lips were tragic. They’d crack and peel over the line where my lips ended.

With Makeup:


After Accutane

Without Makeup:

Don’t mind my patchy fake tan

With Makeup:


Overall it was a long process. Lots of blood work, driving for appointments and strict schedules. But I kept a positive attitude throughout it all because I knew that cracked lips meant it was working! I still have scarring, but that’ll go away eventually. I love how I look and I’d do it again if I needed to!

If you have any questions about Accutane or other acne medications and tip on how to help clear your skin naturally, just shoot me a message!!



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