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The first thing any 18-year-old wants to do is get a tattoo, and I was no exception. Except, I waited until I was a freshman in college instead of right on my 18th birthday. Tattoos are a fun way to express yourself and highlight some important things in your life. I currently have 6 tattoos. I’m not someone that only gets really meaningful tattoos. I think if you like something and think it’s cool, why not get it!

I created a pain scale that I kind of think about when getting a tattoo. I have a high pain tolerance from years of cheerleading. I can definitely sit tight, even through a painful tattoo. I do have one tattoo that was pretty painful, but I didn’t have to take any breaks or anything.


Pain Scale:

1- Easy, no discomfort, super fast.

2- Easy, very tiny sting.

3- Easy, slight discomfort.

4-  moderately easy, more annoying than painful.

5- uncomfortable but not terrible, sitting tight and comfortable. Discomfort, but not too much.

6- uncomfortable, maybe some breaks, tensing up.

7- uncomfortable, tensing up, constant stinging.

8- highly uncomfortable, tense, some sweating, but can still hang tight.

9- almost unbearable, multiple appointments or breaks, tears, maybe passing out.

10- Unbearable, can’t even finish the piece, passing out.

1. Diamond

Location: right wrist

Pain: 3

Cost: $80 w/out tip

Meaning: I actually have a blog post about this tattoo! I got this because my sophomore year of cheerleading meant a lot to me. Our theme was Diamonds In the Rough, and I learned a lot about life through that season. Me, and a few of the girls I cheered with went and got these done together.

Description: This was my first tattoo. I got it in December of 2017, at a shop in Woodburn. Honestly, I hate it. This tattoo has such a big meaning to me, and it sucks that it was so poorly done. I’m hoping to get it covered with a Cinderella half sleeve and then get it re-done in a different spot. I was nervous to get it done because it was my first and I didn’t know what to expect pain wise. It really didn’t hurt all that bad, but there were some pretty uncomfortable spots that made my eyes go wide. It took about 10 minutes for him to do. I remember watching the Benchwarmers while it was happening, so that was a nice distraction. He just used such a light hand and the lines were shaky and didn’t connect right.

2. “She Persisted”

Location: left shoulder

Pain: 1

Cost: $70 US ($100 CAN) w/out tip

Meaning: This tattoo has some meaning to me. I really liked the quote and thought it was really powerful. At first I wanted the whole quote: Nevertheless, she persisted. But, that wouldn’t have fit on my left shoulder. This quote represents women using their tenacity and courage to accomplish their goals. It represents not letting people silence you, and to keep going.

Description: I got this tattoo in July of 2018. I got it in Canada while on a trip with my boyfriend. When we went, I knew I wanted to get a tattoo. I looked up shops with the best reviews, and when I found one, we went in! I got really lucky with the guy who did mine because he did such an amazing job! It honestly didn’t hurt at all and it only took about 15-20 minutes. I remember my neck felt like it was vibrating, but other than that there was no scratchy feeling, no uncomfortable feeling, nothing. I’m in love with this tattoo and love to show it off when I can. I wish I could remember who did my tattoo, but the shop was Adrenaline Professional Body Piercing & Tattoos on Granville. I highly recommend them if you’re thinking of getting a tattoo while in Vancouver!

3. Daffodils, peonies, and a hummingbird

Location: left calf

Pain: 8

Cost: $350 w/out tip

Meaning: This tattoo actually has no personal meaning to me. I really love daffodils and wanted them tattooed on me, so I got them tattooed on me!

Description: I had been following Erica Finley (@eekpdx) on Instagram for a bit when I saw that her books were open. I decided to schedule with her because I thought her art was really unique and beautiful, and I knew she’d do a good job on what I was thinking of getting. This tattoo HURT. Up until this point, I only had two small tattoos. I remember when she started I knew it was going to feel never-ending. Each needle size was a different pain, and I can even point to specific spots of the tattoo that hurt so much, that I still remember it. This was 100% because I wanted it on my calf, where a lot of nerve endings are. If you know me, you know a lot of the tattoos I have or want, I want in pretty painful spots. I think those traditionally painful spots always look so nice and are worth the pain. I think if I could get through this one, then I can get through any. This tattoo took about 2 hours to do.

4. Female symbol (venus symbol)

Location: right hand, ring finger

Pain: 2

Cost: $80 w/out tip

Meaning: I mainly got this tattoo because I thought it was cute. It, in a way, connects with my shoulder tattoo. I thought it was feminine and would look really pretty.

Description: One Thursday in December 2018, my sister and I were bored sitting on the couch. Kylee said “let’s get tattoos tomorrow,” and I said, “why not.” So, Kylee, Gabby and I went to Pussycat the next day and we all got tattoos. I wasn’t nervous about this tattoo, even though a lot of people said this area hurt. Honestly, it was a piece of cake. It took less than a minute to do. There was a tiny sting, but overall this tattoo was so easy. This tattoo only took maybe 5-10 minutes and Gene did it.

5. Roman numeral 4

Location: right ankle, on the inside

Pain: 2

Cost: $80 w/out tip….I think

Meaning: This tattoo is very special to me. In the first grade, my sister and I’s school decided to separate us. It turns out, they also decided to separate our now best friends, Grace and Kate. We met at recess and were inseparable ever since. When Kylee happened to be in town at the same time as Kate, we all decided to head to Pussycat and get the roman numeral 4 tattooed on us. Even though we’re all off doing our own thing now, we’ll all always be best friends.

Description: Matt Shaver did our tattoos at Pussycat. He was so awesome and made all of us feel so comfortable. Even though I literally got my female symbol tattooed on me less than a week earlier, for some reason I felt really nervous for this tattoo. I honestly think it’s because of the placement. But, because the tattoo was so small, it really didn’t hurt. There were some parts that stung quite a bit, but it never lasted long. I actually need to go in and have him touch it up. It’s simple, cute and I love it!

6. Poppy flower

(still healing)

Location: sternum/stomach

Pain: 2

Cost: $40

Meaning: This tattoo has no significant meaning to me. I got it off of a flash sale from Jonathan Mapilisan (@jonmap) from Limitless Tattoo in Salem. When he posted on his Instagram 8 different flowers, I knew I wanted one. I liked how feminine and delicate it was, and decided to get it!

Description: My friend Annah and I fell in love with Jon’s Instagram and quickly set appointments to get these delicate flowers from him. She got lavender and I got this poppy flower. The pop of red really made it for me. He was really nice and made both of us super comfortable. This spot really didn’t hurt, in fact, I almost ranked it a 1. It took maybe 20 minutes, and I was chilling the whole time. It wasn’t really on any bone, which is why I think it didn’t hurt. I’m actually obsessed with it, and with the artist so I know I’ll be back. I already know what I want next from him!


Future Tattoos:

There’s a couple tattoo’s I’ve been planning on getting. I really want a Cinderella themed half sleeve on my right forearm, and a tattoo to memorialize my dog Boomer. The only other smaller tattoo I know that I want is a Cinderella quote down my spine. Can you tell I like Cinderella?

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